Camping is one of the best things to do when the family gets together and it's one of the low cost family fun activities available no matter where you live.
Another nice thing about family camping trips is that usually there are many free family fun activities available. Hiking, fishing, wading, swimming, camp fires, outdoor cooking, family camping offers many things to do with the family.

Camping is a great family outdoor activity.
Most people have a local campground which can be a good place to start. Venture a little further away from home for some added excitment.
Don't travel too far though as you don't want to have you time spent driving.

It's just as much fun to go camping with the family or friends right in your own town as it is somewhere farther away from home.
Getting together for a family camping trip close to your home will give you more time to enjoy the camping experience.
Explore the campgrounds that are in your area and plan a camping trip with your family.  By not spending all your time driving you'll have more time to set up camp and get settled in.
It can take time to set up camp comfortably so when you don't have a long trip before this it will be less frustrating. After setting up your camping site you'll have more time to explore the campground, build your campfire, do a little outside cooking, toast some marshmallows, make smores.....anybody know some camp fire songs?

When you arrive early enough in the day to enjoy the set up and settling in then you'll get the most of your family camping trip.
It's popular to spend a couple of nights on a family camping trip bur many people just go for overnight.
When you're taking a family camping trip close to home it's easy to make a full day of it on arrival day and sometimes a late check out is available. If you get that then you get a good amount of time enjoying the actual camping experience rather than the travel to and fro.

Going camping is a great family fun activity which is enjoyed by many.
Also popular today is RV camping, RV trips etc.  The way to camp on wheels. Many family campgrounds also offer RV Camping. If you're planning to go in an RV then you'll have plenty of options available.

Popular Camping Destinations:
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Muskegon Michigan RV Park
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North Carolina
Camping sites in nc state parks
 camping sites in nc state park.
Visit the website for camping sites in nc state parks.

Indiana State Parks
Indiana Campgrounds

California State Parks
California Indian Campgrounds
California Campgrounds

Nevada State Parks
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Utah State Parks
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Florida State Parks
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Georgia State Parks
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Illinois State Parks
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Wyoming State Parks
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Oregon State Parks
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